Matthew Pagoaga, et al., v. Stephens Institute d/b/a Academy of Art University

Case No. CGC 16-551952

11. How do I file a claim for Credit Monitoring Services or Out-of-Pocket Losses?

To file a claim for reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket Losses incurred after the June 16, 2018 claim filing deadline, fairly traceable to the E-mail Security Incident, you will need to file a Post-Deadline Claim Form and submit documentation regarding the costs and losses that you incurred. There are two options for filing claims:

  1. File Online: You may fill out and submit the claim form and supporting documentation online by clicking here. This is the quickest way to file a claim.
  2. File by Mail: Alternatively, you may click here to download the Post-Deadline Claim Form, fill it out, and mail it to the address on the form with supporting documentation, if any, or ask the Settlement Administrator to mail a claim form to you by emailing the Settlement Administrator at or calling 1-877-346-5225. If you choose to file by mail, please fill out your claim form, and mail it (including postage) to: AAU E-mail Security Incident, Settlement Administrator 1801 Market St., Ste 660, Philadelphia PA 19103.

The deadline to file a Post-Deadline Claim Form is March 14, 2020 (this is the last day to file online and postmark deadline for mailed claims). Please note: Claims for out-of-pocket losses incurred after the Claims Deadline will be approved on a first-come first-served basis. Once $250,000 is exhausted, no more claims for Out-Of-Pocket Losses will be paid.

You will not be able to submit a Post-Deadline Claim after the Claims Deadline unless you submitted a claim form electing to receive Credit Monitoring Services prior to the Claims Deadline (see FAQ 7).

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