Matthew Pagoaga, et al., v. Stephens Institute d/b/a Academy of Art University

Case No. CGC 16-551952

17. How do I exclude myself from the settlement?

If you are a member of the settlement class but do not want to remain in the class, you may exclude yourself from the class (also known as “opting out”). If you exclude yourself, you will lose any right to participate in the Settlement, including any right to receive a settlement payment.

If you decide on this option, you may keep any rights you have, if any, against AAU and you may file your own suit against AAU based upon the same legal claims that are asserted in this lawsuit. If you are considering this option, you may want to consult an attorney to determine the extent of your rights.

IMPORTANT: You will be bound by the terms of the Settlement unless you submit a timely and signed written request to be excluded from the Settlement. To exclude yourself from the Settlement must postmark a request for exclusion, postmarked no later than May 14, 2018, to:

ATTN: AAU E-mail Security Incident
PO BOX 30456
Philadelphia, PA 19103

This statement must contain the following information:

  1. The name of this proceeding (Matthew Pagoaga, et al., v. Stephens Institute d/b/a Academy of Art University, Case No. CGC 16-551952, or similar identifying words such as “AAU E-mail Security Incident Lawsuit”);
  2. Your full name;
  3. Your current address;
  4. The words “Request for Exclusion” at the top of the document or a statement that you do not wish to participate in the Settlement; and
  5. Your signature.

If you do not comply with these procedures and the deadline for exclusions, you will lose any opportunity to exclude yourself from the settlement class, and your rights will be determined in this lawsuit by the Settlement Agreement if it is approved by the Court, and you may not recover under any other individual settlement agreement regarding the claims released as part of the settlement.

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