Matthew Pagoaga, et al., v. Stephens Institute d/b/a Academy of Art University

Case No. CGC 16-551952

18. How do I tell the Court that I like or don’t like the settlement?

If you are a Settlement Class Member, and you don’t opt out, you have the right to tell the Court what you think of the settlement, including the request for attorneys’ fees, attorneys’ costs, and “service awards” for the two named plaintiffs. You can object to the settlement if you don’t think it is fair, reasonable, or adequate, and you can give reasons why you think the Court should not approve it. Should you wish to review the motion for attorneys’ fees and costs, it will be filed by and will be available to view on the Settlement website on April 23, 2018.

To object, you must send a letter stating that you object to the settlement. Your objection must include:

  1. The name of this proceeding (Matthew Pagoaga, et al., v. Stephens Institute d/b/a Academy of Art University, Case No. CGC 16-551952, or similar identifying words such as “AAU E-mail Security Incident Lawsuit”);
  2. Your full name;
  3. Your current address;
  4. The reasons for the objection, as well as any documents supporting the objection;
  5. The identity of any attorneys representing you with respect to the objection; and
  6. You or your attorney’s signature.

To be considered by the Court, your objection must be mailed, postmarked no later than May 14, 2018, to the Settlement Administrator at the following address:

ATTN: AAU E-mail Security Incident
PO BOX 30456
Philadelphia, PA 19103

You must not submit your objections directly to the Court. If you do not comply with these procedures and the deadline for objections, you may lose any opportunity to have your objection considered at the Final Approval Hearing or otherwise to contest the approval of the settlement or to appeal from any orders or judgments entered by the Court in connection with the proposed Settlement. You will still be eligible to receive settlement benefits if the Settlement becomes final even if you object to the Settlement.

The Court has scheduled a Final Approval Hearing to listen to and consider any concerns or objections from class members regarding the fairness, adequacy, and reasonableness of the terms of the Settlement Agreement. That hearing will take place on July 16, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. before the Honorable Curtis E.A. Karnow, San Francisco Superior Court, Department 304, 400 McAllister St., San Francisco, California, 94102.

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