Matthew Pagoaga, et al., v. Stephens Institute d/b/a Academy of Art University

Case No. CGC 16-551952

9. How will the Settlement help me deal with identity theft or fraud if it happens?

Settlement Benefit: Free Identity Restoration Services

All Settlement Class Members will receive access to Identity Resolution Services through Experian after the Settlement becomes final. Fraud Resolution Specialists will be available by telephone, e-mail, and mail to help you with important but often time-consuming tasks such as placing fraud alerts with the credit bureaus, disputing inaccurate information on your credit reports, scheduling calls with creditors and other service providers, and working with law enforcement and government agencies to dispute fraudulent information. More details about Experian’s Fraud Resolution Services for settlement class members are available at

All Settlement Class Members may access Identity Resolution Services after the Settlement becomes final, even if you never make a claim from this Settlement, by contacting Experian’s identity restoration department at 1-866-252-8836 or requesting your enrollment number from the Settlement Administrator. Please click here to email the Settlement Administrator.

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